Ottopunk is a game made in less than 10 days for GBJAM.

You are a boy, whose airship crash-landed in to a desert, looking for a way back home. You are equipped with a Dashpack that helps you ram your enemies and clear your way. While roaming the desert, pay attention to your Water Levels and stay alive.

Everything is rushed, so everything can break!

In-game font by Daniel Linssen


Movement: Arrow Keys

Jump: X

Dash: C

Start : Enter

-Maybe(!) Gamepad Compatible-

Please consider downloading the stand-alone build, which is much more stable than web-build.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsAction-Adventure, Cyberpunk, Game Boy, GBJam, Pixel Art


Download 12 MB
Download 12 MB


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can this work on analogue pocket 🤔

This game is beautiful!

wow this looks amazing !!!!

its great but why do games like these always have z-c controls instead of wasd its not a game changing feature but it fells unusual

Impressive work ! did you make all the code and art ?

What framework did you used for this project ?

Thank you! Glad that you've enjoyed it. All code, art, music made from scratch by me using Unity..

Great, i was thinking of pico-8 more than unity ;) the html5 export seems to works fine

Wow, nice little game, in addition of all said until here, I think it will be more balanced with a tinny little milliseconds of invulnerability after dash, but of course it will be great for a player like me who have no patience to be extra precise killing the enemies. But it will help in the thing about the future enemies out of the screen. Again, great game.

Thanks a lot! There should be a invulnerability window after getting hit! Also if you haven't, please check out the post-jam build if you have the time. Cheers!

I really like the atmosphere and visual style of the desert, but a few things in this game make it a little too challenging unless you already know what's coming up ahead. I feel like the main attack could be either closer range, or some of the platforms could be longer because of how easy it is to get hit by enemies and spikes you can't see in some places. That and I still haven't gotten the ship piece back because I keep running out of water while trying to dodge the lasers. However, the graphics are easily worthy of 5 stars, and the boss battle looks pretty cool. I just haven't gotten to it because of the difficulty :P

Thanks a lot! Definitely right about the difficulty, lack of intuition perhaps. To balance a bit, I modified the camera to lead further to the direction player faces and lowered the water consumption rate while you are in the desert, in the downloadable post-jam build. I'd love to hear your thoughts on changes and if you think they helped to fix it a little or not... And if you want to reach the boss quickly, there is "speedrun" bug in the original version (which is squashed in the post-jam build) that lets you reach further east and get the final regulator which activates the boss :)

  1. How do you start playing this game on an iOS device? Other than that, it looks amazing! :D

Thanks! I don't think you can play it on an IOS device right now, it does not have on-screen controls..

Really fun game!


Hard =o but really cool !!

Thank you!!