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heres my stop, oh no- *boom*

very nice game, will replay again

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Cool little game!

Here's my take on it :p

'I had to.escape the subway before it was too late'


how do you start the game

it takes a while to load.

howdo i start the game on chromebook



add a pause button maybye other than that its gooooooddddddd!

been doing this for 5 years in rl lol. so i know i will make it out alive HAHAHAHAHA

NICE GAME and Nice bgm.

Me llené de ansiedad como loca XDD amé el juego gracias por compartir acá dejo un gameplay editado uwu

Nice game

i made it to level 7. nice game!

there is just a black screen what do i do

click the ''run game'' button or try reloading the page



I love it! 

We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 16: Unity Games

Thanks for playing! I love the way you dig deep into it. I don't want to dispel and dissappoint but I got to clear the air a bit.  Game uses default unity physics and there are no changes in physics as you progress, only thing that does is the time limit. The thing affecting the physics is player frustration which is created by the time limit. The harder you push, you get more resistance from other physics colliders around you. So I was going for a placebo feeling of progression in terms of physics, was not sure if it would work, greatful to know for some it did! It was also the only managable solution considering the short development time. I think many things in games development could be solved by faking it, becomes more impactful than complex systems. I'm glad you've enjoyed it and thanks again!


That's fascinating! Hey, however you did it, it absolutely worked! - Jake


lvl 7 max :D 


Awesome job, I love the art! :D This very accurately represents the struggles of public transport XD

Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks for playing!


So I played this game and I have to say, it was pretty fun to play however, I do have one question... Why are all the people overweight? Your game is second in the video. 


Thanks for playing! Coud you call them overweight if there are no other weight types around? :D

Hello. Please tell me how to contact you. I want to offer you the distribution of your games.


Nice game really funny haha

Thanks for playing!

you took so long to respond hahahaha awesome game btw :)


I almost gave up right before the end. I'm glad i pressed on! Great work :D

Thanks for playing!


I had a lot of fun playing the game!
If you do some more development on the game an idea could be to place some static/fixed objects in the train (bags etc.)  :)

Thanks for playing!


 I really enjoyed playing this game. the game smells sour. lol😵😵

Thanks for playing!

Nice game :)  I wonder if you are from Hong Kong ,  I heard Cantonese in your game


Thanks! No, not from Hong Kong, It's just me talking gibberish :)

In real life, I would feel so claustrophobic, but this game is hilariously funny! I think the best part is that it's entirely possible to move past each person, and compress everyone else at the same time. Very suitable for the "not enough room" theme, but slightly sad that this is an entirely possible real life scenario!

You can check out my experience with this game in the video below. I got to level 7! (Stuck starts at ~9:00)

Thanks! Good playthrough!

please on phone

hmmm.. we'll see :)...

I beat the game! I loved it. I wish there were more levels though. For example, it would be nice if there were competing (non static) people in the bus who tried to beat you to the door. Besides that, I loved the graphics, concept, and title screen.


Thanks a lot! 

After loading screen it all gets black.

Weird, I'm not sure what is the problem, you can try different web browsers and see if the results are the same.
Also have you tried the executable (for PC)?

You know your game is tough like a Dark Souls boss.
I  tried sooooo many times the 5th level. I wanted to give up but my heart said no and so tried it again and beated this damn level and I feelt so much satisfaction in me.
The following levels were than really easy to me. I would say that I'm now a master of Stuck Souls. :D

lol! glad you've enjoyed it


Nice play! Thanks!

A fun little game. The concept is so simple yet the game gets hard really fast. 

We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks!! Nice playthrough!

So simple. Loved it.

Also wrote words about it.

Thank you for the cool article! Glad you liked it.

Simple by design, simple to control, and unexpectedly challenging, Stuck! is definitely something I would say is worth a try. Some rad music helps push the player through the frustration of being surrounded by people on a train and desperately needing to reach the exit. Meanwhile, physics attempt to screw you over at every shove and nudge.

Good job, dev. You made a thing.

Thanks a lot! Glad you've enjoyed it.

loved the game but internal RAGE was kicking hard!

Thank you!

thank you!

great! the only problem is your using frame rate based physics so the game is easier on lower graphics... ( I had to put it on really low resulotion in order for it to be possible)

Thanks! Should be fixed now!

great! the only problem is your using frame rate based physics so the game is easier on lower graphics... ( I had to put it on really low resulotion in order for it to be possible)

really love your implementation. Nice graphics! Game control feels good too!

I also did something similar.

had fun playing this :) well done with the game.

please be sure to subscribe for fun daily videos

Thanks for playing!!

Deleted 2 years ago

It may be a problem with web player acting weird with your computer. Have you tried downloading the executable and running that?

Goof job! It's quick, fun, and easy to catch up! 

But it  drives me crazy after level 5. lol  

Love the art style and music, good match. Hope there can be more fun elements in different level. 


Thanks. You did a great job! Glad you've enjoyed it.

this was really really good!! really hard but so glad i made it to the end :D great job on making this game!!

Thanks a lot!

It would be great if you could link your LD game page, so that we can go and give it a rating and feedback over there if we've come through itch.

There is a link at the top of the page, click "View Submission"

or here it is:

Oh wow! I didn't even notice that button. Thanks for pointing it out.

Hello! I must say that this was definitely a blast to play! It was quick, fun and fairly challenging :P I wish you the best in future productions and can't wait to see more!

Thank you! Happy to entertain.

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